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Nioh - All Kodama Locations

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Nioh - All Kodama Locations Empty Nioh - All Kodama Locations

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:50 pm

This a video guide for finding all the kodama locations in the beta demo for Nioh, exclusively on the PS4.

Kodama Written Guide:
First Section of the Game (9 total Kodamas)
#1 - Past the 2nd enemy encounter there is a little house. Next to the house is a breakable object. He is behind this object.
#2 - Past the first hill and after the path splits and go to a grassy area that is past the tombstones. He is up on a this little grassy area behind a tree.
#3 - Jump down from the high area like in the video. Then go up the right path and keep going straight. He's in a little area near the rock wall corner on the left.
#4 - In the area with the big Yokai Demon. He is hiding in a little out cove area behind the wooden fence.
#5 - In the next area, you'll find him hiding on a roof with a few archers. He is hiding underneath a little wooden hut on the roof. Very easy to miss.
#6 - Jump off the rooftop and find him hiding behind a little doorway.
#7 - After the tutorial about drop attacks, jump down and you'll find him hiding on a second little roof after the first one.
#8 - You must hop down into a building and kill a Yokai Demon. This is after you open shortcut and save. The little guy is hidden in a basket.
#9 - He's hiding outside the water on the beach to the left. You must carefully walk to him. If you happen to fall into the water, you'll die. He is on a little rock here.

Second Section of the Game's Kodamas (There are only 6 in this section):
#10 - After the narrow pathway and bats trap, continue through the room. You'll make a right into a room with a box and then go right again. There is a demon and kodama in here.
#11 - Past another bat trap with a chest in the area, you'll want to drop down and follow the path. The little fellow is along the left wall.
#12 - Follow a path of glowing plants. The next kodama is behind some glowing plants along the wall.
#13 - There will be a bridge to the right and a ladder to the left. Go down the left ladder and continue straight down the path. You'll find him here.
#14 - After entering the final area of this level, break through some crystals and follow the right path and continue going right. You'll find a chest. He is along the wall behind some pointy rocks.
#15 - Keep going down the path and continue through the path and there will be a split. Go down the left path and break the crystals. You'll find the final kodama.

Hope this helps. I have included my videos to supplement a visual guide.


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